From data to action plan: data-driven city marketing

Which data and studies will be used to develop a direct marketing strategy? And how do you get from data to an action plan?

Dealing with the busy city: an integral approach

The hustle and bustle of Amsterdam as a city is not a new issue. An integrated approach, based on distributing activities more evenly and expanding alternatives through collaboration with the surrounding region, could provide solutions.

The impact of increased scope: from city to metropolis

By setting up the right partnerships, initiatives can achieve a bigger impact. In doing so, solutions can be found to address potential problems that currently occur in cities such as Amsterdam.

Digital trends and developments: integrating digital solutions in your strategy

Targeted information services for specific target groups via digital channels can increase your scope. Ways to integrate progressive digitisation into your approach.

I amsterdam, the branding of Amsterdam: about brand DNA, brand value and brand image

The Amsterdam brand is far more than a visible image; it embraces all the stakeholders of Amsterdam. It is the story of everyone who feels connected to Amsterdam.