Marketing Strategist 

After his study in Marketing + Communication, Nico worked as a consultant for Basis communication agency, where he developed strategies and campaigns for various clients. Since 2009, he has been using his experience on behalf of the city of Amsterdam. Nico is a marketing strategist at Amsterdam Marketing, specialising in city branding and marketing. He also regularly exchanges his knowledge and experiences with partners from cities abroad, such as New York, Barcelona, Casablanca, Athens and Reykjavik. These intense collaborations challenge him to come up with new ideas. He has a keen feeling for the specific aspects that make cities unique. Nico is a member of several think tanks for culture and tourism, which are primary sources for the latest developments and viewpoints. He translates them into strategy in conceptual and creative ways, developing products, services and/or campaigns for the specific target groups: local residents and visitors. Nico helped develop the foundation of the I amsterdam brand as a visible translation of the Amsterdam DNA. He took the lead in a city branding project entitled ‘180 Amsterdammers’ as a creative expression of the inclusiveness of the city.  He has developed various successful consumer campaigns for which he has received several awards, including the ‘UNWTO Ulysses Award’.

Nico is a networker and sees all sorts of possibilities for significant partnerships. With his original and creative ideas, he encourages others to brainstorm off the beaten track. He combines sharp analytical thinking with passionate emotion. He manages to link the right parties at the right moment and achieve tangible answers to various issues.