CEO, Amsterdam Marketing 

In 2011, Frans van der Avert became Chief Marketing Officer of the Amsterdam metropolis. Frans stands at the very foundation of our organisation, Amsterdam Marketing, which was created from a merger of Amsterdam Partners, Amsterdam Uitburo and the Amsterdam Tourism & Congress Bureau. He gently guided his employees towards this new organisation with the specific mission of contributing to Amsterdam’s quality of life, general appeal and prosperity. Van der Avert has worked in the museum sector for years. As Press Officer at Amsterdam’s prestigious Rijksmuseum (1989), he improved the museum’s visibility by using a strategic approach to free publicity. In 2002, he switched to Hermitage Amsterdam/Nieuwe Kerk, where he was responsible for the successful positioning and marketing strategy with which Hermitage Amsterdam was launched. As managing director (2013) of the city marketing organisation, Amsterdam Marketing, he is fully committed to the city and metropolitan region of Amsterdam. As Van der Avert sees it, successful city marketing is about an integrated approach with a clear focus on the three most important stakeholders: local residents, companies and visitors. Collaborating with all stakeholders who have interests in the city and the metropolitan region is the guiding principle in this process.

Frans is a natural at networking. He is a source of creativity and inspiration, motivating people with his energy and original views on various topics. He does not shy away from fierce debate, and encourages new perspectives.