As an example, many cultural institutions specifically target the local residents and visitors from within the Netherlands, such as with the Uitkrant or its associated cultural newsletter the Uitmail. Larger institutions and museums can also reach out to international visitors through the new English-language city magazine I amsterdam Magazine. Businesses working in the tourism sector can also easily reach their target audience via the substantial website or, for instance, by narrowcasting to designated visitor profi les in the city’s tourist offi ces and ticket shops. Additionally, to communicate to the right organisations in the travel industry and conference market there are specific newsletters available.


We are delighted to present all of the advertising opportunities that our new city marketing organisation has to offer within our Media rates brochure (to the right-hand side of this page). We hope you will take inspiration from these materials and contact our staff about the requirements of your publicity campaigns. They will gladly guide you through the use of our promotional tools and can also work with your specific ations to create a custom solution that fits your company perfectly.


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