Strength in numbers

With the help of our partners, we can deliver a clear message to today’s visitor and investor that the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area already has everything they need. We present ourselves to the world as one brand, collectively leveraging our individual strengths. Amsterdam Marketing has developed a tiered partnership structure, comprising the Amsterdam Metropolitan Club and a system of partner packages, tailored to the specific interests of the various parties.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Club is intended for organisations that invest in the long term international visibility and reputation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The partner packages are intended for parties who have a direct interest in increasing business and tourist visitor numbers. The basic package is the starting point and can be augmented with various supplementary packages.

For an overview of all options, please see the Downloads area on the right side of this page.

Benefits of partnership

A thriving region attracts more customers, has a positive effect on your attractiveness as an employer and expands the potential market. Moreover, members of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Club are entitled to tap into the know-how of Amsterdam Marketing. For example, when you need to organise a conference or receive an international delegation, Amsterdam Marketing is pleased to advise and assist you with finding a suitable venue, or to assemble an interesting and varied daily programme.


For cooperation with Amsterdam Marketing you have a single point of contact: Client Relations department. The department is entirely focused on the needs of the various tourism and cultural sectors. There is a single Relationship Manager appointed for each sector who maintains contacts within the sector, visits partners and manages the cooperation per individual company. Each region beyond the Amsterdam city limits has a specific Relationship Manager as its contact person.

Telephone: 020-702 6180

Email: [email protected]