I amsterdam manifesto

Amsterdam’s promise, diversity and wealth of opportunity make it an excellent choice for business, education, living and visiting. The city’s rich heritage and culture, its spirit of commerce, its innovative infrastructure, its live-ability and its creativity set it apart from other major European cities. It’s time for Amsterdam to speak out for itself and make its relevance known in a proud, supportive and positive manner.

Amsterdam has many advantages for business enterprises who make use of the excellent transport and distribution facilities offered by Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the Port of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has been voted Europe’s number one airport for passenger services several times in the last decade. International businesses find Amsterdam as a logical and convenient location for head offices, business conferences and meetings. Amsterdam is a tech nerve centre and home to the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), Europe’s largest Internet hub. Several companies base their European and Global headquarters in Amsterdam including: Heineken, Philips, ABN AMRO, ING, Yamaha, Canon, Mitsubishi, Cisco, Numico and TPG/TNT.

We are proud of Amsterdam

Furthermore, Amsterdam’s creative, intellectual and cultural contributions are significant and respected. With some of Europe’s most important museums, including The Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh, Amsterdam is a natural choice for inspiration. Amsterdam’s tolerance, multicultural neighbourhoods and broad diversity provide a fertile environment for creative people. Amsterdam is also a leading centre for the study and development of life sciences with advanced research facilities and expertise. Fashion and industrial design have established Amsterdam as a creative city with a sense of humour and style.

Amsterdam’s creativity and innovation combine, of course, in it’s handling of water and existence below sea level. Every day is a powerful reminder of Amsterdam’s intelligent use of resources, engineering and technology to provide a beautiful and functional city surrounded by water. Very few cities in the world can mix such global, commercial competitiveness with a centre that is so live-able, compact and accessible.

We are Amsterdam

Ultimately, Amsterdam’s strongest asset is its people: the people who live here, the people who work here, the people who study here and the people who visit here. The people of Amsterdam are Amsterdam.

The diversity of Amsterdam’s business community, the differing backgrounds of its residents and the wide and innovative perspectives of its citizens are the lifeblood of our city. Therefore we, the people of Amsterdam, wish to speak for the city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is our city, and it’s time for us proudly to voice our dedication and devotion to Amsterdam.

Through our combined efforts, we can fully realise Amsterdam’s potential in the areas of commerce, innovation, and creativity, and express the many reasons why we choose Amsterdam: “I choose Amsterdam for business. I choose Amsterdam for education. I choose Amsterdam for inspiration. I choose Amsterdam as my home. I amsterdam.”

I amsterdam  

I amsterdam is the motto that creates the brand for the city and people of Amsterdam. In saying or expressing I amsterdam, we demonstrate a clear choice for the city of Amsterdam. I amsterdam shows our pride, our confidence and our dedication. I amsterdam is our personal endorsement for our city. Using I amsterdam, we can show clearly and proudly all the many benefits, opportunities and dimensions of excellence that make Amsterdam our city of choice.