Registered trademark

I amsterdam is a registered trademark and is therefore legally protected against misuse. The use of ‘I amsterdam’ without permission from Amsterdam Marketing is strictly forbidden.


For more information about how to use the motto, including the Brand Manual and Style Guide, please contact us.


Non-partners may use the I amsterdam motto only with written approval from Amsterdam Marketing. Permission may be granted to parties who wish to use the logo to positively promote Amsterdam and its international image. Parties filing applications for support of their project, event or festival will automatically receive information about how the ‘I amsterdam’ logo can be used. Other parties who believe they can make a significant contribution to the international city marketing of Amsterdam may send their request to by email with the following information.
  • reason for request
  • how the logo will be used

Film and photo material

Initiatives which contribute to the city marketing plan for Amsterdam may use the film and photo bank with ‘I amsterdam’ images. If you wish to make use of these, please send a request by email, and include the following information:
  • Short description of your event / project programms
  • Number of international visitors
  • Expected media attention
  • How the images are to be used
  • Preferred film format (DVD, Betacam SP)

Access and conditions of use

If Amsterdam Marketing approves your request, you will receive temporary access to the restricted part of this site where you will find images, logos and the brand manual which you can download for use for your specified event. Certain conditions are linked to the picture usage. In broad terms these are:
  • The images must be used in the context of ‘I amsterdam’
  • The logo must be visible in the photos
  • The photographer and photo source must always be stated.
  • Amsterdam Partners must approve of the use of the photos and logo at all times
You will find more detailed information in the brand manual.