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Wendy Klaasse

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Roy van der Marel, Mireille Bierman, Suzanne Boer, and EdenFrost: Kim van Os, Alison McGarry, Megan Waters, Alex Hibbert, Rhys Elliott, Steven McCarron and Jayne Robinson

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Photography on I amsterdam

Whenever required, photographer credits are displayed throughout I amsterdam and can be viewed by hovering your mouse cursor over a background image, or are shown directly next to images inside articles. Image sources used by I amsterdam include the I amsterdam mediabank, amsterdam inbusiness mediabank, Holland Toolkit and ZO! Zien. Public domain images (via sources such as Flickr and Creative Commons) are displayed with the photographer’s name (or online username), their selected Creative Commons licence type and the image’s site source. Reuse of such materials must always comply with the associated Creative Commons licence.

Wherever photographs are credited but no Creative Commons licence is displayed, the image copyright and ownership remains entirely with the photographer and/or associated business. Permission must be sought directly from the content owner before reusing this content.

If you discover a photographer credit that is incomplete or inaccurate, let us know by emailing [email protected] (please include a link to the relevant page on I amsterdam).