Key figures for Amsterdam as a Conference Destination 2014

In the publication Key figures for Amsterdam as a Conference Destination 2014 we will guide you in a visual way through the world of the congress visitor and organiser in Amsterdam. We have collected a trove of key figures that will give you a detailed insight into the congress market. 2013 proved to be an excellent year for Amsterdam as an international convention host. More international association meetings were organised in the city than in the previous year. The number of meetings held in the city increased significantly by 16% compared to 2012. This succes relates to both corporate and non-corporate meetings. Also have a look at the Prezi presentation (including audio comments) of the Key figures.

Key figures for Amsterdam as a Conference Destination 2013

‘Delegate days’ are the best tool for measuring the size of the meetings sector. Thanks to growth in the number of corporate meetings and a higher number of delegates to both corporate and non-corporate meetings, the total number of ‘delegate days’ increased in 2012 by 13%. Between 2008 and 2012, the number of ‘delegate days’ grew by 60%. Amsterdam is continuing this growth in 2013.

Key figures for Amsterdam as a Conference Destination 2012

Museums are opening up their private boardrooms, you can meet while dining on a canal boat, and you can even organise a sporting get-together in a leisure park, for example, or maybe a football stadium. You’re spoilt for choice. Thanks to this development drive, Amsterdam has shown more than enough creativity and potential to strengthen its competitiveness in the meeting sector.

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Visitor Survey 2012

Over a period of 12 months, 10,000 international visitors to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area were willing to cooperate in this survey. After analysing the data, the researchers made a split between Amsterdam (the city) and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This has resulted in the Amsterdam Visitor Profile 2012 and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Visitor Profile 2012.

North Holland Visitor Profile 2009

The North Holland Visitor Profile 2009 is the most comprehensive research report on tourism in the province of North Holland (Noord-Holland). Over six months, more than 4,500 visitors were interviewed across 16 North Holland municipalities. The survey highlights the principal tourism-related aspects before, during and after a visit by a tourist to the province. This intensive method of research enables the profile of the recreational visitor to be mapped in great detail.

European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report

The 9th edition of the European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report shows how European cities performed in 2012 and identifies the most important trends in city tourism between 2008 and 2012.

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