Strong brands within North Holland

The focus of the promotion is on the strong brands of the province of North Holland, places and areas that are recognisable for the visitor, such as the island of Texel, the coast and the Zuiderzee villages. To make it clear that these areas lie within North Holland, we developed the unifying slogan Nu.Hier.Noord-Holland (literally: ‘Now. Here. North Holland’). ‘Now’ expresses immediacy, while ‘Here’ stands for location.


As part of the promotion contract for the province of North Holland, in 2012 Amsterdam Marketing created the website The Nu.Hier.Noord-Holland website offers visitors comprehensive and up-to-date tourist information. The site enables visitors to save interesting pages in a ‘basket’ or to scan the QR-code of a page using a smartphone. This way the pages can easily be found again on the smartphone while the visitor is on the road. The website is highly suitable for tablet devices like the iPad. Users can also follow our social media announcements, such as on Facebook and Twitter.


In the execution of promotional activities, we explicitly seek cooperation with the Regional tourist offices, industry associations and various North Holland projects, including the Stelling van Amsterdam, Westfriese Omringdijk, Noord-Hollandpad, Oneindig Noord-Holland, Metropool Amsterdam, Laag Holland and UIT-in-Noord-Holland.

More information

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