A trip to the beaches of Zandvoort is only half an hour away from Amsterdam Central Station. That’s just as far as the Vondelpark. Visitors can reach many areas around Amsterdam within the hour. With this in mind, Amsterdam Marketing started a conceptual framework in collaboration with two provinces and twelve municipalities, this resulted in the project ‘Visit Amsterdam, See Holland’.

Visit Amsterdam, See Holland

Since 2009 the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is developing into a large, coherent and varied destination. Before that the city of Amsterdam and each municipality just promoted themselves. The result of this new cooperation now shows a significant growth of 40% in international visitor spending in the region, consistent growth in overnights of the total destination (city and region) and more employment in the region surrounding the city. At the same time part of the visitor pressure on the city centre is being spread over a bigger area, and the region is benefitting more of the success of the city tourism destination Amsterdam.

The basis of this success is a unique cooperation between Amsterdam Marketing, the regional, local and provincial authorities, the local and regional tourist boards, and entrepreneurs in the tourism, culture and transport sector. The key to this is formed in the developed marketing model with respect for the different goals of all public and private partners, the politicians, the inhabitants and a keen development concept in which roles and responsibilities were clearly defined. 

The conceptual framework was formed by merging the individual interests into clusters, based on well elaborated research, inspirational translated into a joint marketing proposition for the city and region, and targets and goals which projected a clear benefit for all participants.

Through supporting all stakeholders in their role in the total concept by providing knowledge, training and instruments, a sustainable operational execution was realized. The result of this is that the number of participants from local municipalities doubled in 2013. Other public and private organizations and entrepreneurs are now joining, and are voluntarily filling in there part of the destination and promotion. The total approach and concept of joining forces proves to be sustainable, outstanding and exemplary in the complex field of integrated destination development.


The project ‘Visit Amsterdam, See Holland’ has won the prestigious Ulysses Awards for Innovation of the UNWTO, the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Frans van der Avert, managing director of Amsterdam Marketing: “As the city marketing organisation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, we are incredibly proud. These 'Oscars' of the tourism industry give recognition to innovation and, above all, structural regional cooperation.”

More information about the project: [email protected]  

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