Amsterdam, a city of diversity

Amsterdam is known for being a very tolerant city, as most people know. Amsterdam has a long history in which people from different nationalities have always been welcomed to the city, especially in the Golden Age. However, some might forget Amsterdam also is an international city with a rich history and a highly diverse population. In 2016 Amsterdam will highlight this with the theme: “City of Diversity”. 

Since the Golden Age Dutch innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit have made Amsterdam a melting pot of nationalities. Today, the population of Amsterdam is one of the most diverse in the world with 180 different nationalities. The city values the benefits that a diverse society has on city culture and has created policies to reinforce this. Amsterdam’s residents are central to the theme, but the diversity of the city’s functions, cultural offerings and businesses will also be presented. 

As Lode Schaeffer, founder of advertising agendy INDIE, puts it: “Go to New York and you’ll meet New Yorkers, and go to London and you’ll meet Londoners. Come to Amsterdam, and you’ll meet the world.” 

Dutch presidency of the council of the European Union

So the entrepreneurial spirit has been alive in Amsterdam since the 17th century. In 2016, Amsterdam will be the centre of international meetings and cultural activities regarding the Dutch presidency of the council of the EU from January to July 2016.

The opening of the I amsterdam store

Another exciting event for Amsterdam Marketing is the opening of the I amsterdam store in Amsterdam Central Station at the beginning of 2016. This shop is the place for everyone who wants to know what’s happening in town and get inspired by the best Amsterdam has to offer. Typical Dutch brands – such as Van Dobben, Tony’s Chocolonely, KLM and VANMOOF – will be present. The themes Amsterdam Marketing will focus on in 2016 and which can be found in the new store are Made in Amsterdam (February), Bicycles and Neighbourhoods (May – June), First KLM flight to New York (May), Summer of Amsterdam (summer), European Athletics Championships (July), Euro pride (August), Opening cultural season (September), Dance and clubbing (October) and the Festive season (December).

100 years ‘Amsterdamse School’

Amsterdam has also always been a city filled with creative minds. These creative spirits created a style of expressionist architecture exactly 100 years ago, called Amsterdamse School (Amsterdam School). Amsterdamse School is a style of expressionist architecture popularised in Amsterdam between 1910 and 1930. The style has roots in Expressionist architecture, borrowing elements from the Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) and Art Deco design aesthetic. In 2016 Amsterdam School celebrates its 100-year anniversary.

As part of this celebration six institutions organise the year of Amsterdam School. The institutions are: Amsterdamse School Museum Het Schip, Stedelijk Museum, Archituur Centrum Amsterdam (ARCAM), Grand Hotel Amrâth, Monumenten en Archeologie (Monuments and Archaeology) and the Stadsarchief (city archive).

The museum Het Schip will open the impressive enlargement of the museum in March. The Stedelijk Museum organises an exhibition about living in the Amsterdam School 1910-1930 from 9 April until 4 September. There will also be a special bus and walking tour, taking in some architectural highlights of the movement

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