We look back at a slice of recent history: the energy of the 1960’s that was manifest in movements such as Provo which started a cultural revolution that shocked Amsterdam into modernity and served as a model for the Paris student revolt. We also turn to the energy and determination of the artists that lived and worked in Amsterdam. The genius of the unconventional Rembrandt van Rijn will be celebrated in February when the Rijksmuseum will present a major retrospective of his later works, while 19th-century genius Vincent van Gogh – who died 125 years ago in 2015 – will have a major exhibition in September, together with that other great northern painter of desperation Edvard Munch.

Other landmark events in 2015 are the 120th birthday of the Stedelijk Museum and 50 years of the National Opera. For Sail, the world’s finest sailing vessels, historical and modern, sail into Amsterdam every five years. From 19 to 24 August this massive event will lure boating enthusiasts from all over the world and offer the city many business opportunities. In 2015 we will also focus on some of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s major economic and cultural strengths: Flowers of Amsterdam (mid-March/April), Castles and Gardens (May), Old Holland - the historical villages and industrial heritage (June), New Land (July), Amsterdam Beach (August) and Haarlem (September).