Core value of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Creativity, innovation and commercial spirit are Amsterdam’s three core values. They make up the DNA of the city, symbolise its unique character and are significant to its past, present and future. The brand is strongly and discernibly positioned in the market under the shared motto I amsterdam. In pursuit of this mission we are able to draw upon a region rich in history and unique cultural offerings. There is a great tradition of freedom and tolerance, an international outlook, world-class icons and a thriving business environment. It is a place where people live, learn, explore and work. Where anyone visiting for business or pleasure can come and feel at home.


Amsterdam Marketing’s goal is to execute the city marketing for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as an integrated activity, whereby we focus on national and international residents, businesses, visitors and influential figures. City marketing is an essential step in strengthening the economic position of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This not only has a positive influence on the city’s public image internationally but also for local residents, boosting their sense of civic pride and appreciation. To achieve this, we work together with public and private organisations, cultural institutions and universities.