The key activities of Amsterdam Marketing include:
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Research, analysis and advice
  • Initiating and stimulating innovation and product development throughout the market
  • Providing expertise to corporations and government
  • Conducting information and reception services
  • Serving the interests of the region

Target groups

Amsterdam Marketing conducts its activities on behalf of the entire Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. At the top level we focus on city marketing’s main target groups; residents, visitors and businesses.

The residents of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area are our ambassadors and hosts. Visitors include tourists and business visitors from both the Netherlands and abroad. Businesses includes Dutch and international companies and organisations that invest in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area or settle here because of its favourable business climate.

In order to reach out to these key target groups, influential groups also play an important role. These include intermediary parties such as the media, PCOs (professional conference organisers) and tour operators.


Amsterdam Marketing conducts its core activities in collaboration with local government, public-private and private organisations in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Amsterdam Marketing is a not-for-profit organization. This means that we do not work for profit. We invest our extra income directly into collective goals.

The City of Amsterdam is our biggest client, whereby we work closely with amsterdam inbusiness, the department of Economic Affairs, the City Government, the Amsterdam Economic Board and the Expatcenter.