The I amsterdam Store has a wide range of original gifts and quality products on sale, by iconic Amsterdam brands such as KLM, Ajax, Zaanse Mosterd, Kesbeke, Tony’s Chocolonely, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The staff is au fait with Amsterdam’s hotspots and hidden treasures and can provide detailed information on a vast range of things to do in and around the city. Visitors can explore the ins and outs at the reading table, on iPads or in magazines.

The I amsterdam Store is a unique concept in the world of city marketing. Never before has a city marketing organisation launched a concept combining a shop selling iconic local products with an information centre targeting residents, visitors and businesses. It is a brand store which brings to life the slogan I amsterdam in a variety of ways. With a floor area of almost 300 square metres, the shop is located in the IJ-hal entrance concourse, at the end of the central concourse and the IJ-passage (the cycle and footpath beneath the station), next to the escalators to the elevated bus station and the future metro entrances, and opposite the ferry docks.

The partnership between Amsterdam Marketing, Atelier Joachim Baan and Sandenburg Concept Creation has produced a place where residents and visitors can discover the wealth of the metropolis and take home with them the stories of Amsterdam icons as a souvenir.

An attempt to set the world record for the longest catwalk began on Friday at 13.45 in front of the entrance to the I amsterdam Store on the IJ waterfront, and will finish at the end of the afternoon in the IJ-hal concourse at Central Station.

Facts and figures

  • Opening times: Monday-Wednesday 08:00-19:00, Thursday-Saturday 08:00-20:00, Sunday 09:00-18:00
  • Nearly 300m2 of shop space, and a total floor area of 400m2
  • 300,000 passers-by at Amsterdam Central Station per day (40,000 around the store)
  • 25 members of staff
  • +500 varying products
  • Debit or credit card only
  • Creative direction: Atelier Joachim Baan
  • Concept development: Sandenburg Concept Creation & Amsterdam Marketing
  • Lighting design: Frank Hulsebosch Lichtontwerp & Advies 
  • Project management : Sandenburg Concept Creation
  • Interior construction: Van ’t Wout interieurbouw
  • Retail advice: Nieuwe Kerk/Hermitage 

A selection of the brands available at the I amsterdam Store.