Under the chairmanship of the mayor of Amsterdam, the attendees will discuss their experiences, dilemmas and possible solutions concerning issues currently confronting European citizens. The participants will also discuss collaboration between the cities and the EU with EU Commissioner Creţu (Regional and Urban Policy). In this fifth edition of the Mayors’ Meeting, Amsterdam aims to further strengthen the collaborative ties between the various European cities internally and with the EU.

The National Maritime Museum is currently serving as the meeting venue for the Netherlands’ presidency of the Council of the EU. 

Agenda items

This Mayors’ Meeting centres on four current issues: mobility and air quality, affordable housing, dealing with radicalisation and the influx of refugees. Under the chairmanship of the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, the attendees will describe experiences in their cities, explain the dilemmas they encounter and share views on possible solutions. EU Commissioner Creţu will be present throughout the entire day.

Of the 28 EU capital cities, 26 will be represented at the conference, with Luxembourg and Nicosia being the only absentees. Other participants are the European Committee of the Regions, several Members of the European parliament, EUROCITIES (the network of 130 major European cities in 30 countries) and the Dutch Minister of the Interior, Ronald Plasterk.

Responsible capital city

Today, around 70% of the European population lives in cities. In many cases, the cities are the drivers of economic growth and the places where employment opportunities and creativity are concentrated. Accordingly, they are also the arena where many contemporary issues emerge and can be tackled. This adds to the importance of European collaboration between cities and the involvement of cities in policy and decision-making at the EU level.

By hosting this meeting, Amsterdam seeks to further develop its role as a responsible capital city on the international stage. The city is already engaged in direct collaboration with several European cities, including Berlin, Paris and Athens.