It’s also a reason for Amsterdam Marketing to celebrate our city’s diversity in 2016 and beyond.

We are running an image campaign for residents, entitled 180 Amsterdammers, in cooperation with partners including AmsterdamFM, Het Parool, OBA, the City of Amsterdam, JC Decaux, Amsterdam Museum, Bridgizz and NieuwWij. The campaign centres on a collection of 180 stories, from 180 Amsterdammers from 180 different countries. Each participant tells the story of their Amsterdam. Amsterdam Marketing is facilitating the links between the various associated initiatives, the nationalities and their stories, and the many partners.

From 10 February to the end of October, a story a day will be appearing in the daily newspaper Het Parool and on the website, often accompanied by a video interview (produced by AmsterdamFM) and/or written interview. The website will thus grow by a story a day. Later in 2016, when we have found all 180 nationalities, the stories will provide the content for an exhibition, an outdoor campaign and a photo book. We will also be showcasing the stories via the I amsterdam communication channels: the Uitkrant magazine, Facebook and Instagram. Bridgizz and NieuwWij will also devise concepts and events to provide depth and bridge-building.

We have already found representatives of every European nationality, and of nationalities that are common in Amsterdam, such as Surinamese, Egyptian, Chinese and Moroccan. We are now looking for less common nationalities, such as Amsterdammers born in Djibouti or the Seychelles. If you are an Amsterdammer with one of the nationalities we are looking for, or you know someone else who fits the bill, contact us via or send an e-mail to [email protected]. Amsterdam Marketing will then contact you.