The prize draw and rules surrounding it

These Terms and Conditions apply to the “Amsterdam Gifts Tree prize draw”, hereafter referred to as “prize draw”, which takes place in the I amsterdam Store located at De Ruijterkade 28 A/D, 1012 AA Amsterdam. The prize draw is organised by Stichting amsterdam&partners, De Ruijterkade 5, 1013 AA Amsterdam, hereafter referred to as “amsterdam&partners”.

The prize draw takes place under the following conditions:

  1. The participant has taken part in the game played in the I amsterdam Store, where they have thrown a beanbag at the Amsterdam Gift Tree;
  2. The beanbag thrown by the participant has not landed on one of the winning platforms within the Amsterdam Gift Tree, thereby leading to the participant not receiving a prize from the Amsterdam Gift Tree;
  3. Participants who have not won a prize from the Amsterdam Gift Tree may hang a wish card in the Wish Tree.

By hanging a Wish Card in the Wish Tree and therefore participating in the prize draw, the participant agrees to the “Terms and Conditions of the Amsterdam Gifts Tree prize draw” as shown below. Participants are made aware of the applicability of these Terms and Conditions via text printed on the Wish Card that they can hang in the Wish Tree. If a participant does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, then the participant must not participate in the prize draw and not hang a Wish Card in the Wish Tree.

The prize draw entry period runs from 9 December 2019 untill 13 December 2019.

Participants below the age of 16 declare that they have permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate in the prize draw.

Each participant may only have one entry in the prize draw. Employees of amsterdam&partners and organisations that are involved in any way in the development and running of the prize draw are prohibited from entering.

To take part in the prize draw, a participant must have a valid email address. Entry is dependent on the participant providing this valid email address together with their name. If the participant’s entry is selected as a winner, then amsterdam&partners will send the participant an email to the email address specified on their entry informing them of their win. The participant must write a wish for somebody else on the Wish Card that they hang in the Wish Tree. This wish must be for an Amsterdam gift from the I amsterdam Store with a value of up to €250. The participant must state who will be the recipient of the gift from the I amsterdam Store on the Wish Card. A winner selected via a lottery will be announced on 16 December 2019.



Out of all the Wish Cards hung on the Wish Tree, 5 wishes will be granted. The Wish Tree is displayed in a highly visible central position in the I amsterdam Store.

An appointed (impartial) jury will select the 5 winners via a random draw.

Within 10 working days after the draw on 16 December 2019, the winners will be notified of their win via an email sent by amsterdam&partners.

After each winner has notified amsterdam&partners of their postal address, the prize will be sent to them.

amsterdam&partners cannot be held liable for any damage suffered by the participant as a result of participating in the prize draw.

The prize is personal to the named winner. The prize is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for money or other products or services.

No correspondence may be entered into regarding the result of the prize draw and awarding of the prizes.



amsterdam&partners will be responsible for the processing of personal data.

All personal data obtained through the prize draw will be treated as confidential by amsterdam&partners in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). amsterdam&partners will not use this personal data for other commercial purposes and will not sell it to any third party.

amsterdam&partners will process the following personal data belonging to the winners of the prize draw: entrant name, email address and postal address.

Personal data will be processed on the grounds that this is necessary for implementation of the prize draw.

The personal data will be processed for the purposes of:

a. Informing the winners via email that they have won a prize;

b. Sending the prizes to the winners at their stated addresses;

c. Informing the winners by email that their prizes have been dispatched.

amsterdam&partners will not store the personal data obtained through this prize draw for any longer than is strictly necessary for the purposes of achieving the goals, as described above, for which the personal data is being processed. The personal data will be stored for a maximum of 15 workdays.

amsterdam&partners will not process the personal data for any purposes other than those described above.

amsterdam&partners will provide the winners’ personal data to third parties if this is necessary in order to carry out actions connected with the prize draw, such as providing the winners’ names and addresses to the company responsible for shipping the packages containing the prizes.

Each winner has the right to view and alter their personal data and have it deleted. In addition, each winner has the right to object to their personal data being processed and the right that is it transferrable. A winner can request to access their personal data or have it corrected, deleted or transferred, or object to it being processed, by sending an email to

Data belonging to participants who have not won a prize will not be processed in accordance with GDPR and will be destroyed after the winners have been determined.

amsterdam&partners has taken various security measures to protect personal data from unauthorised access, loss, theft and unlawful use. These include measures to prevent unlawful access, use, modification, unlawful and unintended destruction and unintended loss of the personal data.

If a winner is of the opinion that the processing of personal data by amsterdam&partners is not in compliance with these conditions and/or with the applicable laws and regulations, the winner can submit a complaint to the Personal Data Authority or to a relevant supervisory authority in the country where they live.



Any questions about the prize draw or processing of personal data can be addressed to amsterdam&partners via:

Applicable law and competent court


Applicable law and competent court

These Terms & Conditions are governed by Dutch law.

Any disputes between the participant and amsterdam&partners should be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam. If amsterdam&partners invokes this condition by notifying the participant in writing, the participant has 1 month to opt for settling the dispute in accordance with the law.