Title: Marketing Strategist | International Speaker
Focus: Nico is an expert in city branding and marketing
Education: Marketing & Communication
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nicomulder

Nico is a marketing strategist at amsterdam&partners,specialising in city branding and marketing. He regularly exchanges his knowledge and experiences with partners from cities abroad, such as New York, Barcelona, Casablanca, Athens and Reykjavik. These productive collaborations challenge and inspire him to come up with new ideas. He has the keen ability to pinpoint the specific aspects that make cities stand out. Nico is a member of several think tanks for culture and tourism—institutions that identify, analyze and drive the latest industry developments. He translates the insights into strategy in conceptual and creative ways, developing products, services and/or campaigns for local residents and visitors.


Approximate rate for speaking at an event in the Netherlands: €1,600* (preparation + daily speaker’s fee + travel time)
Approximate rate for speaking at an event abroad: €2,600* (preparation + daily speaker’s fee + travel time)

Daily speaker’s fee: €1,080
Daily travel fee: €540
*Travel and accommodation expenses have to be covered by the organising party.