Visitor Insight is a user-friendly tool that allows you to see the most current tourism data in Amsterdam. The main page, which is open to everyone, is populated with up-to-date information about hotel occupancy, foreign passenger arrivals at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and visitor numbers at Amsterdam’s major museums and attractions. These numbers can help businesses and organisations refine their offerings, communications and strategic policy development. It is a very useful resource for economic decision-makers in tourism and government who want to stay informed about tourism in the city.

Custom reports

The broad-strokes visitor statistics are available to the general public at no cost, but for more detailed analysis, including custom reports, users must request a profile. Open access to the comprehensive tool is one of the many benefits of becoming an amsterdam&partners partner.


The hotel statistics are based on numbers from more than 400 hotels in Amsterdam, collected and processed by Statistics Netherlands. The visitor figures for the Amsterdam museums, attractions and theatres are based on information entered directly by 44 museums, 13 attractions and 10 theatres that are partners of Visitor Insight.