The campaign is part of a new, tough approach to tackling intimidation and crime by street dealers, with measures targeting not only the dealers themselves, but also their potential customers. Foreign tourists will be warned of the dangers of street dealers in a short video in English, distributed via Facebook and Instagram, on the City’s website (, and via posters in places that attract a lot of tourists. The message is that Amsterdam is a fun, free-spirited and laid-back city, but as in any city, it's important to be street smart and ignore street dealers. The campaign is created by City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Police, Jellinek and Amsterdam Marketing. It aims to provide tourists with information on what they should do if they are approached by aggressive street dealers.

In the centre Amsterdam, street dealers are a persistent problem. They are a nuisance to residents and can be so intimidating and threatening to tourists that they feel pressured into buying drugs, which are often fake. The City of Amsterdam is now taking a number of measures to combat this nuisance and intimidation, including more efficient detection and a tougher approach to dealers. An outline of the measures in English is available online, with details in Dutch:

One of the measures is to warn young foreign tourists. A short video explains that they should ignore street dealers, report threatening behaviour or theft to the police, and call 112 in an emergency. The campaign will be evaluated at the end of June and adjusted where necessary. It will be repeated in the summer.

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