Geerte Udo

From next Monday, the organisation will be called amsterdam&partners. The new name matches a sharpened strategy and places the emphasis on quality rather than quantity for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as a whole. Where residents are central, and visitors and companies are welcome. Geerte Udo, who will start as new director on 1 March, is tasked with achieving a new balance with all partners whilst considering the challenges of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Future vision and ambitions

"Putting residents at the centre of things means guiding all Amsterdammers through the wide, diverse cultural offerings and helping them discover the lesser-known neighbourhoods and places in Amsterdam, in a very concrete way,” says Geerte Udo.

Actively attracting overseas visitors has been a thing of the past for a number of years. amsterdam&partners focuses on guiding visitors who come to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area with respect for the city and its residents. The objective is to guide them in a quality manner to the cultural offerings and unexpected places in the city and surrounding area. This also promotes diversification.

"Quality is also paramount regarding companies and conferences. Our activities are designed to guide them. The focus is on companies and conferences that create jobs in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and contribute to sustainability and innovation."

"Lastly, we must continue to build on Amsterdam's international reputation," says Geerte Udo.

The angle to international visitors is a good example of an effective metropolitan-wide approach. "An important next step is the joint approach to challenges with respect to living, working, studying and culture in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area," says Udo.

Sharpened direction gives rise to a different name

The name Amsterdam Marketing no longer reflects the new course. "The term marketing is often related to doing more. The new name highlights what we do, with whom and for whom. Together with a multitude of partners and relations, we contribute to a liveable and prosperous Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. That promise remains unchanged."

New director

Geerte Udo will be the director as of 1 March. Udo was already on the management team and was responsible for strategy and research.

Anita Nijboer, chair of the Supervisory Board: "This broad management role, with ultimate responsibility, is well suited to Geerte. She has a great passion for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and all its stakeholders. She has vision, carries it out, can connect and knows how to innovate. Geerte has the necessary support and trust internally and externally. All these things made us unanimously decide to appoint her to this role."

"My predecessor Frans van der Avert leaves behind a solid organisation. A foundation that achieves set objectives and adapts to the changing circumstances, needs and interests of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and its partners. This means that the organisation can start working on the new course with full force," Udo concludes.


Geerte Udo (45) studied Public Administration at the University of Leiden. After her studies, she started as a consultant at the consultancy firm Twijnstra Gudde (2000). She advised on issues which were often related to partnerships and change management in the public sector. In 2006 she moved to Amsterdam Partners and in 2013 she joined the management team of the then Amsterdam Marketing, the current amsterdam&partners. From an early age Udo has had a love for art, culture and good food. She has lived in Amsterdam for 20 years.