The I amsterdam letters leave Museumplein on 9 November 2018

Moving the letters fits with the intention of the new College of Mayor and Alderpersons to focus more emphatically on the redistribution of visitors throughout the city. And it supports the strategy we have implemented to make Amsterdam bigger by encouraging repeat visitors to visit other neighbourhoods, to guide international visitors into the broader Amsterdam Area, and by collaborating with cities such as The Hague, Leiden and Haarlem to showcase their cultural attractions to Amsterdam’s visitors. We have been following this course of action for some time already.

Having the I amsterdam letters visit other less busy areas in the city supports the goal to distribute visitors across Amsterdam more evenly, relieving pressure on the busiest locations. It also serves to draw attention to less well-known spots in the city. Moreover, it is clear from public responses that the presence of the letters in other city districts, such as Zuidoost or Nieuw-West, is an asset that people are proud of.

I amsterdam is the motto through which we connect a wide range of activities, communications, campaigns, services and products. We have worked with all our stakeholders to build up this motto for years. It connects residents, visitors and businesses to our city.

Over the coming period we are going to set a number of things in motion.

The most important thing is – in keeping with our tradition of being a hospitable and professional city – that we welcome and inform visitors who arrive at Museumplein expecting to see the I amsterdam letters, amongst other things. Thus, we will utilise city hosts to engage with and inform these thousands of daily visitors.

In consultation with the city districts, cultural institutions, residents and businesses, we will look at where the I amsterdam letters move to next. There have been several applications, including a request from the district of Zuidoost. We would like to discuss and look at the various options in more detail. As soon as it is known where the I amsterdam letters are going, we will inform all interested parties through our online channels.