The I amsterdam website

The I amsterdam website provides a source of knowledge and inspiration for Amsterdam locals, visitors, residents, investors, startups and businesses. Consistently receiving more than 4.5 million page views per month, the website reaches a diverse audience and keeps them engaged with topical articles, a complete cultural agenda, resources for residents and business information. The corresponding I amsterdam blog is another means of reaching visitors in an informal tone, allowing local writers to share personal recommendations in their own voices and collaborating with established bloggers. The Amsterdam Weekend Guide, its highest ranking page, typically receives more than 5,000 page views each month.


Our weekly newsletter featuring cultural highlights and seasonal events in the Amsterdam Area is read by 30,000 subscribers with a 28% open-rate. Regular competitions keep the audience highly engaged. The additional Kids’ Uitmail is filled with tips for families in the region and is sent during the school holidays (for Northern and Central Netherlands).

Goochem chatbot

The new Goochem chatbot is an online guide to a huge variety of cultural offerings in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Via Facebook Messenger, Goochem provides tips in English and Dutch on arts and culture throughout Amsterdam and the surrounding area based on the user’s personal preferences making it easier to choose from the wide variety on offer. Goochem also suggests alternatives and less well-known performances, concerts or exhibitions outside the city, helping locals and visitors experience more of the Amsterdam Area, tailored to their interests.

Social Media

Our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter channels allow us to share information and authentically-Amsterdam images with our fanbase, no matter where they are in the world. The content is a balance of cultural highlights, business news, updates on local startups and suggestions for things to do in Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods and the region. The core of the content is culture, along with suggestions for things to do in Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods and the region. The channels are highly responsive to comments and messages, providing direct communication with amsterdam&partners. The social media strategy also enables fans to share their experiences and images, which are the source of more than half of the content.