Our events

The Uitmarkt has grown into an immense celebration of Amsterdam’s arts and cultural scene. Timed to coincide with the beginning of the new cultural season, the programme features concerts, performing arts, film screenings and children’s events. Another popular event is the 24H series which guides people into undiscovered neighbourhoods with 24-hours of special events and celebrations.


Our knowledge of the Amsterdam region has led us to identify ways to improve the city for locals and international visitors. Our successful neighbourhoods campaign communicates the distinctive personalities and highlights of Amsterdam’s diverse neighbourhoods. Aside from encouraging local pride, the campaign guides visitors into less crowded parts of the city and offers a more authentic experience. Similarly, the Amsterdam Area campaign highlights just how easy it is to explore the castles, windmills, flower fields and harbours of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The multilingual campaign saw increasing numbers of visitors experience the region’s attractions. We also launched an ‘Enjoy and Respect’ campaign to target offensive behaviour and make the city more enjoyable for all.