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Working in Amsterdam

Seek out work and employment opportunities in Amsterdam: job searches, recruitment, starting a business and more.

Finding a job in Amsterdam

Whether you’re looking for full-time employment, freelance opportunities or even a chance to found or work at a startup, Amsterdam offers plenty of opportunities for internationals looking to develop their career.

Companies in Amsterdam

More than 3,000 international companies are established in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, and many fields, such as the creative industries, life sciences and tech and ICT, are particularly thriving.


Working in Amsterdam

Employment in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an old European capital city with a modern outlook. As such, it offers plenty of unique employment opportunities for internationals looki...

Job search

There is a wide variety of job options to explore and a rich vein of Amsterdam companies and international businesses established here, all looking to...

Your industry

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most international cities and a truly global hub for consumer goods, information and people. It's home to a thriving tech...

Highly skilled migrants

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has developed an entry procedure specifically for highly skilled migrants or ‘knowledge migrants’ via...

Job boards

Talent is a key part of the success of today’s ICT industry. Luckily, Amsterdam educates and attracts the best techies from across the globe, with num...

Job fairs in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has a number of job fairs on offer, and they are a great opportunity for job hunters to sound out the local labour mar...