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Life in Amsterdam

Learn more about the necessities of living in Amsterdam: housing, education, finance, health and more.

Living in Amsterdam

If you're thinking about moving to Amsterdam, or have already arrived, there are likely many questions about everyday life in the city you need answered. These pages include information on buying and renting property, getting around, tips for families, healthcare, education, refuse collections & recycling, learning Dutch and the community activities that will help you settle in.

Get started in Amsterdam

Find rental property

If you’re planning a short-term stay in Amsterdam (under five years), renting is your best bet. After all, contracts can be easily changed and you’re ...

Buying property in Amsterdam

If you’re planning on staying in Amsterdam for three years or more, then one option may be to buy a property. Despite strong competition in the curren...

Utilities & maintenance

Once you've found accommodation in Amsterdam, you'll need to set up things like internet and TV, and know when and where to throw out the rubbish.


Essentials for living in Amsterdam

Find out about schools

Select the right school for your child with information on international primary and secondary schools for English-speaking and bilingual students.

International schools

The Netherlands is renowned for having a strong, well-balanced education system. This is further bolstered by a host of options for international scho...


Make the most of life in Amsterdam by becoming a part of the community around you! Enjoy the very best in culture, eating and drinking, performances a...

Learn Dutch

Learn to speak the local language with our guide to Dutch language courses in Amsterdam, finding a private tutor and official examinations.

Getting around Amsterdam

Get around the city by car, bus, boat, scooter, tram or the most popular form of transportation in Amsterdam: the bicycle. The inner city is also comp...

Emergencies & helplines

Depending on the emergency, options include calling the central emergency number 112, taking the victim to the A&E department or a nearby hospital, or...