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Municipal services in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s City Hall and the City Offices (stadsloket) are the administrative hubs of the city, offering various municipal services for residents.

What can I do at my City Office in Amsterdam?

There are many municipal services offered at Amsterdam’s City Offices. The list below offers an overview of services with useful links to further information.

Which City Office can I visit?

There are several district offices in the city. For addresses and opening hours, see City Offices and select which district you live in.

Further information

If you need information from a City Office but are not sure which department to contact, call the city information number 14 020 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 18:00). They should be able to connect you to the correct department. You can also contact the City of Amsterdam by sending a WhatsApp message to 06 4444 0655 (although take care not to send sensitive data over WhatsApp). Find more information here.