Date of departure

The municipality of Amsterdam adopts the departure date from your application. The date which the application arrives counts as the departure date. This is different if you register that you are leaving at a later date. In this case the date of departure you register will apply. Your move abroad will be passed on, automatically, to other government departments.

Please note: an incorrect registration can have consequences for your housing benefit, student finance and your taxes.

Who can register the move

  • all adults in person

  • all minors, from the age of 16, in person

  • spouses who live together may register for each other

  • partners, in a registered partnership, may register for each other

  • the parent, guardian or carer of minors

  • parents with children older than 16, still living at home

  • adults for parents who are living with them

  • the guardian of someone who has been placed in their care.


There is no fee for registering your move. If you are moving from the Netherlands to Aruba or the Netherlands Antilles, the municipality will provide you with a certificate of deregistration free of charge.

Certificate of de-registration (Bewijs van uitschrijving)

If required, you can apply for a certificate of de-registration. Your move abroad will be registered on this certificate. This document can only be requested in person (not online) at the BRP; the procedure there is the same as requesting any other document.

Declaration of intended departure (Verklaring van voorgenomen vertrek)

You are advised to apply for a declaration of intended departure. This declaration is normally necessary for customs purposes (import and export of goods). The declaration will be provided free of charge. It can be obtained in person at the City Office when you register your departure.

Apply in person

Register your departure in person at the Department of Civil Affairs (afdeling Burgerzaken) of a City Office. You will be required to provide a valid form of identification (passport, driver’s licence, Dutch identity card or aliens document).

Apply by post

To register a move abroad by post send a signed letter with a copy of your valid form of identity (passport, driver’s licence, Dutch identity card or aliens document) to the Department of Civil Affairs at a City Office.

Returning to the Netherlands (Terugkeer naar Nederland)

Should you return to the Netherlands after eight months or longer, you will have to re-register with the municipality.