Birth, marriage and death certificates

The Amsterdam Civil Registry has your birth certificate only if you were born in Amsterdam. Where your family lived prior to or following your birth is not relevant. Similarly, the Civil Registry has marriage certificates of people who married in Amsterdam and death certificates of people who died in Amsterdam.

Birth certificates prior to 1905 are not available through Dienst Basisinformatie (DBI). This also applies for marriage certificates prior to 1930 and death certificates prior to 1955. For these certificates you can contact the Amsterdam City Archives (Stadsarchief Amsterdam). Birth certificates in the archive are made public 100 years after the birth; marriage certificates are made public 75 years after a marriage is recorded; and death certificates are made public 50 years following a death.

International certified copies

There are different types of documents you can request: exact copies of the entry (afschrift) and international certificates (internationaal uittreksel; a summary). Organisations or authorities usually accept only one of the two, so it is important to inquire in advance what type you need. For example, Dutch authorities abroad usually require the Dutch afschrift. Please note that requests from overseas can take up to four weeks’ processing time and can be additionally delayed due to slow international mail traffic.

Requesting a certificate

  • Internet: processing time is up to 5 days, plus up to three days’ postage time.  If you live abroad, the processing time is up to four weeks. To complete an online request for a birth, marriage or death certificate you must:

    • Complete the online certificate application (in Dutch)
    • If you are not registered as living in Amsterdam, include a light, clear scan of your photo ID
    • Pay the fee (2017 rate: €9.50) with iDeal, Visa or Mastercard.
  • By post or fax: Only certificates from before 2017 can be requested in writing or by fax. Processing time for a request by post is up to three weeks. You will receive a bank transfer form (the 2017 rate for the fee is €12.90) alongside your certificate. In your written request for a birth, marriage or death certificate you must:

    • State your full name, date of birth and mailing address.
    • If requesting a marriage or death certificate, state the date of the marriage or death.
    • State the reason for the request.
    • Include a photocopy of your photo identification (ie driving licence, passport).
    • Sign your letter of request.
    • Post the letter to Dienstverlening – Gegevensverstrekking & Verificatie, Postbus 2752, 1000 CT Amsterdam
    • If faxing, fax information to +31 (0)20 253 9207.

    In person: It depends on several factors (such as location and time of the birth/wedding/death) where you can go to request the certificate, if you can request it in person at all; and whether or not you need an appointment. Find out what applies to you here (link in Dutch) or call 14 020 (English speakers available). At the appoiuntment, you must:

    • Present valid photo identification.
    • Pay a €12.90 fee for each certificate (2017 rates). You can pay by debit card or in cash. 

If you need the certificate for use abroad, the Civil Registry can provide you with an international certified copy. Documents required by Dutch authorities abroad are usually in the Dutch language. It is recommended, however, to confirm what they require in advance. 

For more information, call 14 020.