Give notice of intention to marry in Amsterdam

Giving notice of intention to marry (in ondertrouw gaan) is required in order to marry in the Netherlands. This notice must be given at least 14 days (but ideally six weeks) before the marriage or wedding ceremony at the Amsterdam city office (stadsloket) in which you or your partner is registered. You can call the City of Amsterdam’s central information number to make an appointment. 

If both partners are Dutch citizens and live in the Netherlands, they can also give notice online

When giving notice, you can indicate on which date and in which municipality you wish to marry or enter into a registered partnership. Your marriage should be officiated within 12 months of filing the notice otherwise the notice is rendered invalid.

Conditions for giving notice

The below conditions of Dutch law apply to marriages in the Netherlands.

  • You cannot currently be married or be in a registered partnership.
  • You must be 18 or older.
  • One partner must be registered in Amsterdam to give notice of marriage in Amsterdam.
  • You must give notice of marriage at least 14 days prior to the marriage (or up to 12 months in advance).
  • Same sex marriages are possible and legal.
  • At least one partner must be legally registered and living in the Netherlands.

Costs of marriage

The notice of marriage is free of charge, though there may be a charge for additional documents you may have to submit. Costs of the wedding ceremony depend on the location and time.

Free marriage ceremonies on Tuesdays

In true Dutch style, you can say ‘I do’ for free. From 1 January 2017, free marriage ceremonies are offered by all Amsterdam City Offices on Tuesday mornings. The ceremonies are very basic and cover the essential formalities in front of a maximum of 20 guests. Unsurprisingly, these are in high demand – expect a waiting list of six months or longer. Read more about the procedure (in Dutch). 

Registering your marriage

Registering a marriage with the Civil Registry (Dienst Basisinformatie, DBI) of your municipality is compulsory if you live in the Netherlands. A foreign marriage can be registered in the Netherlands only after the foreign marriage certificate has been legalised. For instructions on document legalisation please see the article on Authentication of foreign documents.

Further information

For more information please call the city information number 14 020.