Requirements for registering a birth in Amsterdam

The birth of a child must be registered within three days. This needs to be done by the father or mother, in the municipality where the child was born. If one of the three days after birth is a weekend day or a bank holiday, the period is extended in order to allow you two working days to register. You will need to have decided on the first name or names as well as the surname of the child; it depends on your marital status which surnames you can choose. 

Registering a birth must be done in person at the department of civil affairs (Burgerzaken) of a city office (stadsloket) of your choice. If the child was born at either the Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC) or the BovenIJ hospital, you can also register the birth there.

If the parents are absent or not able to register the birth then someone who was present at the birth needs to do so. You are legally qualified to register a birth if one of the following conditions is satisfied:

  • you are the father or mother of the child
  • you were present at birth
  • the birth took place at your house
  • you are the head or authorised person of the establishment where the birth took place (e.g. a hospital)

If there is nobody who is legally qualified or obliged to register the birth then the mayor or a designated officer from the relevant municipality will register the birth.

There are no charges for the registration of the birth, but there is a fee for a copy of the registration certificate.

Birth certificate

The registrar of the Civil Registry (Burgerlijke Stand) draws up the birth certificate, which is signed by the person registering the birth as well as the registrar. The birth certificate is then included in the register of births. A copy or an extract (uittreksel) of the certificate can be obtained (also in international format). If one or both parents are registered in the Netherlands, the registrar will register the child at the home address.

Any future amendments to the birth certificate can be added to the certificate by the registrar of the Civil Registry.

Necessary documents

The documents to take along when registering a birth are:

  • a valid proof of identity (passport, driving licence, identity card or residence permit) – if you are not the mother, it might speed things up if you took her proof of identity, too
  • a marriage certificate (if the mother is married)
  • if the child is already registered at a different municipality or with a civil-law notary (notaris), you must bring the relevant proof
  • details of the date and time of birth of the child

The registrar of the Civil Registry may ask for proof from a doctor or midwife concerning the birth of the child, so it is handy to bring along any relevant documents.