All residents are included

The new donor register includes all Dutch residents listing their choice regarding donating organs and body tissues after their death. Residents are called on to state their preferences. This includes internationals and other residents who are not Dutch citizens. Newcomers to the Netherlands will be added to the register after they have lived in the country for three years, but they can also choose to go on the register before that.

Options for stating a preference 

If no choice is stated in the register, the option of ‘no objections to organ donation’ will be applied automatically. This means that your organs may be given to a patient after your death. When you do register your choice, there are four options:

  1. “Yes, I want to be a donor” – you are generally fine with donating organs and tissues after your death. You have the option to exclude certain organs or tissues and can state this on the form
  2. “No, I do not want to be a donor”
  3. “My partner or family will decide”
  4. “A person nominated by me will decide”

You can change your choice at any time. If you don’t enter anything in the register, you will be listed as ‘No objections to organ donation’. This means that your organs could be given to a patient after your death. However, this will be discussed with your family in advance; your family can object if they are absolutely certain that you did not want to be a donor and can demonstrate this.

Signing up to the donor register

You can add your preferences to the register on this website (in Dutch), using your DigiD, or by completing a paper form and sending it in by post. Find out more about registering.