How do you get a houseboat in the Amsterdam Area?

Houseboats are typically privately owned. Houseboats are regularly offered for rent or sale on websites such as Funda or Woonbotenland. When buying a houseboat, remember you also need a mooring permit – without one, the cost of the 'boat' may be substantially lower, but you may struggle to find an available berth in the region.

Mooring permit

A permit for a houseboat is called a mooring permit and can only be applied for by the (new) owner of the houseboat.

  • The permit is tied to the person, mooring place and boat. If any changes occur, such as a conversion, sale or replacement of the houseboat, you must apply for a new permit.

  • A mooring permit is typically granted for an indefinite period.

  • It is possible to obtain a permit made out in two names.

Learn more about houseboats and mooring permits in Amsterdam (in Dutch). If you live in the Amsterdam Area, contact your local municipality or water authority.