Helping to solve conflicts between neighbours

From loud music or recurring noise from DIY projects to trees that block sunlight, it’s always best to talk about problems or niggles with your neighbours before they escalate. If you struggle to get your point across to your neighbour, however, or are worried about starting a confrontation, Beter Buren is a free mediation service active in the Amsterdam Area.

It provides both you and your neighbour with guidance and assistance to come together to resolve any problems on your own terms and in mutual agreement – if necessary, with the support of a trained mediator who remains impartial throughout. In the vast majority of cases, misunderstandings are cleared up and mutual solutions agreed upon.

Contact Beter Buren

For residents of Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Wormerland, Amstelveen, Uithoorn and Aalsmeer, the central point of contact is:

Beter Buren Rijnstraat 115 1079 HA Amsterdam Tel: 085-902 2810 Email: Website: (website in Dutch, Multilanguage brochure)

You can also drop in to a weekly advice clinic every Wednesday from 13:00 to 14:00.