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DutchNews.nl has published many articles over the years, but some of its most popular stories are on topics you might not expect. “We have been surprised by the broad range of news stories that have made the top 10 of most-read items,” recalls editor Robin Pascoe. “Classic Dutch subjects, such as cannabis and euthanasia, are included, of course, but so are Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb’s outspoken views on ISIS and sexual abuse within the Catholic church.”

DutchNews.nl was founded to provide Dutch news in English for the country’s ever-growing number of expats, but the site’s eclectic coverage has ensured it has rapidly expanded into a key Netherlands-based news source. The site in its various formats is now read by over 30,000 people a day.

“We see our job as not only to inform but to explain current events in the Netherlands, so we try to include background where relevant,” says Pascoe. “We hope we can help our readers discuss Sven Kramer’s performance in the 10k speed skating with their Dutch colleagues or debate changes to the retirement age over the office lunch.”

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