Healthcare and insurance

Set up compulsory health insurance and familiarise yourself with doctors, dentists and hospitals in the Amsterdam Area.


Organise health insurance

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Everyone residing in the Netherlands is obliged to take out health insurance, even if you are only living and working in the country temporarily.

Register with a family doctor (GP)

In the Netherlands, patients are free to choose their own doctor. The doctor (huisarts) is the first port of call if you have health problems.

Find a dentist

Read on for information on finding a dentist, emergencies and coverage of dental costs.

Get mental health support

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Learn about the mental health support services that are available to international residents in Amsterdam. 

Women's healthcare in the Netherlands

Learn about access to women's healthcare in the Netherlands and familiarise yourself with the city's health services.

Emergency services

Learn who to contact in emergency situations or for urgent healthcare matters in the Amsterdam Area.

Learn about hospitals

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Locate your nearest hospital and read about the different types services they provide.

Coronavirus updates for residents

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Stay up to date about the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the Netherlands and the response from healthcare authorities.