Visit the 'Welcome to Amsterdam' event on Saturday, 27 September and get a head start on living in Amsterdam, doing business in the Netherlands, learning Dutch, the healthcare system and much more! It takes place at the Tolhuistuin from 11:00 to 14:00 and entrance is free.

Information market for new arrivals to Amsterdam

The 'Welcome to Amsterdam' event is a fantastic opportunity for new internationals in the city to collect literature and speak to experts in a wide variety of helpful topics, including:

  • how to start your own business
  • what it’s like to raise children in Amsterdam
  • what your rights and responsibilities are as an employee
  • how to go about learning Dutch (at home or in group lessons)

Free workshops during the event include:

  • Publish your CV online and have a professional photo taken for free!
  • How do you convince an employer to hire you?
  • Bringing up children in Amsterdam; health, education and fun
  • Tips & tricks for starting your own business

It is essential to register for workshops by emailing [email protected].

At 11:30, guests will be welcomed by alderperson Arjan Vliegenthart, who is responsible for Work, Income and Participation. The comedians from local comedy theatre Boom Chicago will also provide extra entertainment during the day.