Friday, 3 March (21:00) to Monday, 6 March (5:00)

The A9 (Gaasperdammerweg) towards Amersfoort/Almere is closed between the Holendrecht and Diemen junctions. All traffic is being redirected via the A2, A10 and A1.

Friday, 10 March (21:00) to Monday, 13 March (5:00)

There are lane closures on the A1 towards Amsterdam between the Muiderberg and Diemen junctions. From Saturday, 20:00 to Sunday, 10:00, the A1 towards Amsterdam is completely closed from the Muiderberg junction onwards, with one exception: traffic coming from the A6 heading towards Amsterdam can use the A1 in this period.

The A9 (Gaasperdammerweg) towards Haarlem/Schiphol is closed the entire weekend between the Diemen and Holendrecht junction. In the daytime, traffic towards Amsterdam is being redirected via the A1, A10 and A2; at night (from 20:00 onwards), redirections are via the A1, A27 and A2.

Friday, 24 March (21:00) to Monday, 27 March (5:00)

The A1 towards Amersfoort/Almere between the Diemen and Muiderberg junctions is closed. Traffic heading from Amsterdam towards Amersfoort/Almere is being redirected via the A2, A12 and A27.

More information

Find more information on the Rijkswaterstaat website (in Dutch) and check this page for up-to-date directions.