A new green scheme in Amsterdam Noord 

The toilet waste of residents in Amsterdam Noord is set to be collected to help produce power and fertiliser. 600 homes in the Buiksloterham district in Noord are set to be connected to a station which extracts raw materials from residents' urine and faeces. Materials including phosphate and biogas will be recovered every time someone flushes their excrement down the toilet. These can then be converted into things like fertilizer and power to help make the district more energy efficient.

Aiming for an energy-efficient place to live in Amsterdam

The energy-neutral station is due to be built by Waternet in 2018 on a floating concrete ark in the J. van Hasselt canal. After 10 years, a more permanent place for the station will be found. Eventually all medicines and hormones will also be removed from the water. The aim is to make Buiksloterham a ‘circular neighbourhood’, where products and materials are reused within the area to make it more environmentally-friendly. Read more about the neighbourhood (in Dutch).