Free cake for recycling

In an effort to increase the recycling of household waste, the WASTED project offers recycling rewards to residents of Amsterdam Noord. For each bag of plastic, paper or textile that members of the scheme recycle, they get a (virtual) WASTED coin that they can exchange for rewards at small local businesses in Noord and Oost. Think two-for-one coffee deals, a 50-percent discount on getting your flat tyres fixed or a piece of carrot cake for free. This way, the project combines encouraging recycling with supporting local businesses.

How it works

Locals of Amsterdam Noord can sign up for the scheme online and then receive branded bags for their recycling. When they drop off the filled bag at their recycling container, they scan the container’s QR code, take a picture of the bag or bags and receive their virtual coins on their account. The scheme is a collaboration with the City of Amsterdam. Since it started out in April 2015, 1257 kilograms of plastic have been recycled through WASTED.