A more sustainable Amsterdam

A new letterbox sticker system will reduce the amount of unwanted advertising material being posted to people living in Amsterdam – and help make the city more sustainable. In the current system, printed advertising materials can be delivered to any letterbox which doesn't have a sticker on it. But as of 1 January 2018, residents without a sticker on their letterboxes will no longer receive any of this mail. The City of Amsterdam says the change will help save an average of 34kg of waste paper per household - around 6,000 trees per year across the city.

How to keep receiving advertising materials

Residents who would like to keep receiving advertising material and door-to-door papers must place a 'Ja-Ja' (‘Yes-Yes’) sticker onto their letterboxes. These stickers will be made available from the end of December. People with a 'Nee-Ja' (‘No-Yes’) or 'Nee-Nee' (‘No-No’) sticker on their letterboxes or doors do not have to do anything as these will remain valid when the new system comes into effect. Residents with no sticker will still receive door-to-door papers, so that they are kept informed of governmental messages.