Reducing waste and traffic

Did you know that three out of ten households throw away unaddressed promotional material and leaflets unread? This means that an enormous amount of paper is produced and transported unnecessarily. Along with reducing waste, the introduction of the sticker saves space in the refuse collection trucks that ride through the city, bringing about positive side benefits like better air quality and safer roads. In addition, the traffic caused by the distribution of the promotional items will be significantly reduced, meaning less carbon dioxide emissions.

How does the ‘ja – ja’ sticker work?

Currently, an opt-out system is in place: you can put a sticker on your mailbox indicating you don’t want to receive any unaddressed items, but if you don’t have a sticker on your mailbox at all, you will automatically receive them. In the future, you need to have the ‘ja – ja’ sticker on your mailbox if you do want to receive promotional material – meaning that without a sticker, you won’t receive any of these communications.

Non-commercial print work

The current regulation will stay in place for print work from volunteer organisations and other non-commercial entities, such as political parties and free neighbourhood newspapers, so households without a sticker will continue to receive those. The reason for this is that these kinds of print products are distributed much less frequently, and they also have a social significance for the community. Furthermore, the printing and distribution of these kinds of handouts is expected to significantly decrease with time. The official City bulletin will continue to be delivered to all households in the city because of the legal obligation of the City to keep all residents informed about new laws, policies and other developments. That noted, other ways and media are currently being considered for these communications.

When will the ‘ja – ja’ sticker be available?

The proposal regarding the introduction of the ‘ja – ja’ sticker will be further elaborated in the near future and consultation will be sought with the advertising industry. The goal is to bring the sticker into use from 2017.