Making Amsterdam's green spaces even more welcoming

An investment by the City of Amsterdam will see a raft of new facilities for local residents being built at six of the city’s parks, and existing amenities refurbished and even expanded. It’s hoped that the proposals will help local parks cater to even more people as new housing is built across the city. The City of Amsterdam also hopes that the redevelopment of the green spaces – including the introduction of new playgrounds, seating areas and sports facilities – means that even more people will choose to spend their free-time in parks in the future.

Bigger and better facilities for residents

Parks earmarked for investment include Noorderpark, Sloterpark, Rembrandtpark, Groot Westerpark, Gaasperpark and Martin Luther Kingpark. Earlier this year, €32.5 million was also invested in 12 city parks to help make other improvements. All works are estimated to be completed by 2020.

 The full break-down of improvements to be made is:

Noorderpark: An activity event centre is set to be built to the entrance of the Noorderpark metro station, and a connection to the new Elzenhagen Zuid district introduced.  

Sloterpark: The ground will be improved and new trees added to the park. The water sport centre will be renovated, refurbished and connected to the park. In the park itself, new lawns, a playground and improved seating along the water will be built.

Rembrandtpark: Some of the park will be refurbished and its entrances made more attractive and safer. The connection to Vondelpark will also be improved.

Groot Westerpark: Due to the development of Haven-Stad, 40,000 to 70,000 homes are set to be built near the Westerpark. An extensive development will make the park more accessible, and improvements will be made to paths and benches.

Gaasperpark: Trails and the entrance at the metro stop will be improved, and the city is looking at developing a new city beach.

Martin Luther Kingpark: Improvements to the fauna, the slope, cycling and walking trails are being made. Trees in the park are also being restored and reinforced. The park is also being made accessible from all sides.