Government set to test emergency messaging system

The Dutch government is set to broadcast an NL-Alert message on Monday, 4 December. The NL-Alert is a system which allows authorities to warn people in the direct vicinity of an emergency that they could be in danger. The message states what is happening and what people should do next. The test message, which will be broadcast at 12:00, will allow people to check whether their mobile phone is set up to receive the warning in the event of a real emergency.

How to receive the alerts

Many phones sold in the Netherlands are already set up to receive the NL-Alert, so if you get the verification message on 4 December you don't have to do anything. On some devices, such as iPhones, you must set the NL-Alert up yourself to receive the message. You can find instructions to set this up here. Since its introduction five years ago, the system has been used 200 times to inform people about various emergency situations, including major fires, severe weather, gas leaks and polluted drinking water.