The City of Amsterdam is introducing new rules to help cut out smoking at sports parks and facilities. From this year, smoking is now banned at all sports activities run by the City and in sunbathing areas at municipal outdoor swimming pools. Employees at these facilities have also been banned from smoking in areas where children can see them. The City is also helping sports clubs around Amsterdam to establish their own non-smoking policies. So far, five sports clubs in the city have already introduced smoke-free agreements for outdoor areas, and a number of other clubs have registered an interest in introducing their own policies.

Another high-profile sports facility which has recently introduced a smoking ban is Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium, which is currently open to ice-skaters until 28 February 2018. Smoking at the rink (De Coolste Baan van Nederland in Dutch) or in of sight of the general public has now been banned. Instead smokers visiting the stadium must use a separate smoking section next to the entrance, out of sight of the general public. The rink is also set to host the World Allround Speed Skating Championships from 9 to 11 March.

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