Students in the spotlight

Last year, many higher education institutions organised numerous events and activities for international students, including, webinars, social media take-overs, career events, food festivals and open days. The festival is increasingly gaining popularity and will this year host even more activities.

Diversity of activities

Most colleges and universities around the country usually host their own events throughout the year to put foreign students in the limelight. However, Week of the International Student encourages educational institutions to band together and host their events at the same time. According to Eduard Pupupin, who is involved with the week on behalf of Study in Holland, this approach will help reach more students and create diversity in the activities.

International talent in the Netherlands

Coinciding with International Students’ Day (17 November), the week highlights the importance of international talent for the Netherlands. International students help contribute to the quality of higher education through the international classroom, strengthen the local knowledge economy, form an important location factor for companies and contribute to the Dutch treasury.

Pupupin hopes that the week will be an incentive for international students to join the Holland Alumni Network. “Binding with the Netherlands is very important. The International Student Survey shows that feeling welcome is an important factor in the attractiveness of a country. That's why we organise this week."

Strengthening the Dutch labour market

The orientation year permit (zoekjaar)aims to retain and attract foreign talent for the Dutch labour market. The permit allows recent graduates from non-EU countries and scientific researchers to stay in or come to the Netherlands for a period of up to 12 months. During this period, they can seek employment or work without needing an extra work permit. 

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