Refugees empowered to apply to further education centres

Held at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (UvA) on 5 July, ‘Higher Education for Refugee Students and Scholars: Access and Opportunities’ focused on how the UvA’s Supporting University Community pathways for Refugee migrants (SUCRE) programme and its intellectual outputs prepare higher education institutions and devise methods for humane and realistic integration of refugees. Topics covered included academic support, students’ well-being and legal and psycho-social assistance.

The one-day event was organised by the CIS-VU, which facilitates, supports and coordinates efforts to help find sustainable solutions to some of the world’s biggest issues by connecting researchers and professionals to innovative projects.

Participants were addressed by 17 speakers including consortium members, international organisations, and refugee scholars and students. The resounding message of the conference was that of institutional support to empower refugee applicants looking to attend a higher education institution regardless of their country of residence.