Preparations for Brexit 

Over the next two weeks the IND will send temporary residence permits to British citizens (and their family members) who are registered in the Personal Records Database. Brexit negotiations and debates within the UK Parliament surrounding the UK’s departure of the EU are still underway and the outcome of these is not yet known. The temporary residence permits will provide British citizens with proof of their right to live in the Netherlands in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement. The Dutch government has confirmed that in the instance of such a ‘no-deal’ scenario, UK nationals who currently have lawful right of residence in the Netherlands on the grounds of their EU citizenship will retain their rights to live, work and study here.  

Residency rights for UK citizens

The temporary residence permit is needed in the case of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. It is a form of proof that the holder is a resident of the Netherlands and would need to be shown when travelling to and from the Netherlands in combination with a valid passport. British citizens are also asked to keep the document if there is a delay or extension of the UK withdrawing from the EU, because that means a ‘no-deal’ scenario is still a possibility. The permit would be valid during a national transition period, which would last until 30 June 2020 and during which British nationals would be invited to apply for a permanent residence permit. 
If the UK leaves the EU with a withdrawal deal, the temporary permits will not be needed, because such a deal will include a general transition period. 

Questions about Brexit

Find out more about your residency rights by visiting the dedicated Brexit section on the IND’s website, or call the Brexit information line with any questions on +31 (0)88 04 30410. IN Amsterdam will also provide updates in their monthly newsletters.